Datatables excel export – Format output data

Datatables data can be exported using excel plugin from datatable.  Refer to the following link for details on export options with datatables: It is possible to set custom formats on the data inside cells, so that numbers, decimals etc. are not messed up in excel output. The following example shows, if a column E […]

What is URL Encoding?

URL Encoding When the url is constructed, it might contain spaces, special characters, other characters like ‘&’, ‘?’, ‘<‘, ‘>’ etc. These characters should be handled correctly to form a valid and correct URL. If any URL contains special characters or those which are used in semantics of a programming language, these should be converted […]

Skype is very slow on Windows 10

I had a frustrating experience with Skype being very slow on my Windows 10 machine.  I tried several things, checked on forums, tried various tips suggested in online forums, and finally figured out that it had to do with the versions of Skype. I had Windows 10 64 bit operating system installed on my machine.  […]

Git commands

Clone a remote repository To clone master branch from remote repository on local machine: # git clone -b master <git url> Checkout branches To checkout branches other than master: # git checkout –track origin/<branch1> # git checkout –track origin/<branch2> Add untracked files to git # git add Add all files to staging area # git add […]

PWM – Open Source Password Self Service with OpenLDAP – Configuring PostgreSQL database

PWM – Open Source Password Self Service with OpenLDAP – Configuring PostgreSQL database Settings required in Postgres: In Postgres, Create a database named ‘pwm’. # su – postgres $ createdb pwm $ exit Create the following tables in Postgres required for PWM. # psql pwm postgres pwm=# CREATE table PWM_META ( id VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL PRIMARY […]

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