VMware ‘I moved it’ ‘I copied it’ meaning

VMware ‘I moved it’ ‘I copied it’ meaning

I have a virtual machine made in VMware Workstation.  When I move this virtual machine to a new location, and power on the machine, I get a message : “The virtual machine might have been moved or copied”, as shown in figure below:

When we chose the option button: “I moved it”, it means that the virtual machine has been copied to a different location and it can start with same uuid and mac address for the virtual machine.  If you have copied the virtual machine and wish to access it along with the original virtual machine simultaneously, then there could be a conflict due to same uuid, mac address and network settings.  Thus, if you have copied the virtual machine, chose the option button: “I copied it” so that a new uuid and mac address is assigned to the machine and you need to configure the network to avoid any conflicts.


For a detailed reference on Changing or Keeping a UUID for a moved virtual machine, you may refer the following link from VMWare Knowledge base:

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