Skype is very slow on Windows 10

I had a frustrating experience with Skype being very slow on my Windows 10 machine.  I tried several things, checked on forums, tried various tips suggested in online forums, and finally figured out that it had to do with the versions of Skype.

I had Windows 10 64 bit operating system installed on my machine.  To install Skype, I used the following link:

There are two options available in the drop-down box shown in above figure:

  1. Get Skype for Windows 10
  2. Get Skype for Windows

I had installed the second option: “Get Skype for Windows” earlier, that is actually a 32 bit version of Skype.  When installed on a 64 bit Windows Operating System, it launches several processes in the background as several tasks were assigned to several Skype processes in the older version.  

The issue was in sending messages, which took some seconds, even minutes to get transferred.  The machine was almost unusable when sharing screen with Skype during the conference call, even when the machine resources like CPU, RAM etc. were adequate.

I backed up my Skype history and used Revo uninstaller (an application uninstaller program), to uninstall the Skype version, restarted my machine and then downloaded the first version of Skype from the above figure: “Get Skype for Windows 10”.  This version of Skype is available in Microsoft store, and can be installed from the link we get when we click on the download link for ‘Get Skype for Windows 10’.  To my surprise, there were no more multiple 32 bit Skype processes running in the background.   The machine performance also got improved while being on Skype call or conference call.  Thus, we must install the version recommended by Microsoft for Window 10 platform, instead of installing other versions that seriously affect the performance of the machine.


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