CentOS 7.8 minimal installation

CentOS 7.8 Minimal Installation


Download Centos 7.8 images from the following url.



1. In VMWare Workstation, click File->New Virtual Machine


2. Click on Installer Disk image file (iso) and select the file that you have downloaded from Centos mirror above.  Click on Next button.

3.  Give a name to the Virtual machine and select the location where it will be stored on the disk.

4.  Speficy disk capacity, Maximum disk size: 100 GB and chose the option: Split virtual disk into multiple files.

5.  Click on Finish button.

6.  The machine boots from the ISO image and the following screen is shown:


7. Click on Install  CentOS 7 or wait for Automatic boot. The following screen is shown:

8. The machine boots as shown in the following screen:

9.  Select default language as English, English (United States) as shown below:

10.  Installation summary screen is shown as given below.  Click on Software selection, and ensure that Minimal Install (Basic functionality) is selected.

11.  Click on Date & Time and set the timezone to Asia/Kolkata region.

12.  Select Installation destination and chose Partitioning scheme as ‘Automatically configure partitioning’, as shown below:

13.  Click on Begin installation, as shown below:

14. Set root user password and confirm the same.

15.  The installation will progress as shown in the following figure:

16.  The installation is about to finish and will perform post-installation setup tasks as shown in the following figure:

17.  Once it is done, click on ‘Reboot’ button.

18.  The machine reboots and the login screen is shown.  Login with root credentials that you have set in Step 14.

The minimal install of CentOS 7.8 is ready, up and running.
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