How to enable administrator account in Windows 8

How to enable administrator account in Windows 8 The built-in ‘administrator’ account in Windows 8 is hidden by default. To enable the ‘administrator’ account in Windows 8, you need to: Open the command prompt using Administrator privileges.  To do so, Click on the command prompt and select ‘Run as administrator’ option as shown in figure […]

Unable to edit the ‘hosts’ file in Windows7

Unable to edit the hosts file in Windows7 In Windows 7, the location of the ‘hosts’ file is ‘C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts‘.  By default, Windows 7 does not allow edit on this file.  To edit ‘hosts’ file, follow the steps given below: Procedure 1: Start->Run Type notepad and click OK button Notepad application will open with administrator privileges […]

I can’t delete file in Windows7

Problem with deleting files in Windows7 In Windows7, I couldn’t delete the file(s) from the Desktop, when I select some files for deletion, it shows a confirmation box ‘Are you sure you want to send the files to Recycle Bin?’, and when I click on Yes, It shows ‘Calculating size’ and hangs.  Then I had […]

Icons not showing up on Desktop in Windows7

Icons not showing up on Desktop in Windows 7 In Windows 7, sometimes there is an issue that the icons are not shown on Desktop, taskbar etc.  The option ‘Show Desktop icons’ should be checked, that is available when we right click on Desktop and click on View.  From view, we have to check ‘Show […]

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