Can’t locate – Fixed

Can’t locate – Fixed To install Perl modules from CPAN using an interactive shell, we use the command: perl -MCPAN -e shell If we type this command in CentOS 6.4, we get an error as shown in Figure-1                                 […]

Boot time scan with Avast antivirus 8.0

Boot time scan with Avast antivirus 8.0 Avast free Anti-virus is used to protect the computers from viruses.  Avast anti-virus 8.0 is a free software that can be downloaded from: We can schedule boot time scan to do a through check of the PC, so that when we restart it, Avast does a boot time […]


Teamviewer review: Teamviewer is a powerful tool for virtual infrastructure monitoring, remote control and online meetings.  Using Teamviewer, we can connect to any remote PC and we connect to that PC and can control that PC as if that PC is in front of us instead of being remote.  It is performing, provides fast connectivity, […]

AOMEI Partition Assistant Home Edition (PA Home)

AOMEI Partition Assistant Home Edition (PA Home) (For Windows 7/XP/Vista/2000 Professional and latest Windows 8 (32 & 64bit)) AOMEI Partition Assistant Home Edition is a free solution towards managing disk partitions with great ease.  Partition management tools are useful to reconfigure Windows partitions using Graphical User Interface, where we can visually see the representation of Disk […]

AOMEI Backupper 1.1

Review of AOMEI Backupper 1.1 (Free Backup and Restore Software for Windows) Backup is needed in case of catastrophies/failures that may be physical, hard disk crash, system crash etc.  It is of utmost importance to backup our crucial data online as well as offline.  No business can afford to lose its data.  Nor even an […]

Can’t see Google ads on any website

  Why can’t I see Google ads on any website on my local machine I can’t see Google ads on my local machine on any website.  However, I am working on Linux and Windows based Virtual machines, If I try to access the website from these Virtual machines, I could easily see Google ads on […]

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