Unable to edit the ‘hosts’ file in Windows7

Unable to edit the hosts file in Windows7 In Windows 7, the location of the ‘hosts’ file is ‘C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts‘.  By default, Windows 7 does not allow edit on this file.  To edit ‘hosts’ file, follow the steps given below: Procedure 1: Start->Run Type notepad and click OK button Notepad application will open with administrator privileges […]

Nagios – Monitoring IT Infrastructure

Nagios Nagios is an open source software that is used for monitoring IT Infrastructure that includes servers, services, devices etc. and provides alerts in case of failures and also for resolutions from such failures.  NetSaint that was used to monitor the availability of resources in Network like hosts, services etc. is now called Nagios.  NAGIOS […]

Using Google Drive – A Case Study

Google Drive Google drive a cloud storage and file-sync solution. Google Drive is a free service that lets us store all our files including documents, photos, videos and Google Docs online and access them anywhere. We may start with 5 GB of free space and upgrade, if needed, to 25 GB for less than $2.50 […]

I can’t delete file in Windows7

Problem with deleting files in Windows7 In Windows7, I couldn’t delete the file(s) from the Desktop, when I select some files for deletion, it shows a confirmation box ‘Are you sure you want to send the files to Recycle Bin?’, and when I click on Yes, It shows ‘Calculating size’ and hangs.  Then I had […]

Icons not showing up on Desktop in Windows7

Icons not showing up on Desktop in Windows 7 In Windows 7, sometimes there is an issue that the icons are not shown on Desktop, taskbar etc.  The option ‘Show Desktop icons’ should be checked, that is available when we right click on Desktop and click on View.  From view, we have to check ‘Show […]

NovaBACKUP Professional 13.1

 Review of NovaBACKUP Professional 13.1 (Windows Backup Software for Laptops, PCs and Workstations) Backup is needed in case of catastrophies/failures that may be physical, hard disk crash, system crash etc.  It is of utmost importance to backup our crucial data online as well as offline.  No business can afford to lose its data.  Nor even […]

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